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S.P Madrid & Associates Data Privacy Policy

  1. Company or Website Name: S.P Madrid & Associates

  2. Personal Information Collected:

a. The collection agency collects personal information such as:​

- Debtor's names

- Contact Information (phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses)

- Financial Information related to debts

- Credit history and reports

- Information provided by creditors

3. Data Collection Methods:

a. The agency collects this information through various means including:

- Communication with debtors or creditors

- Publicly available sources

- Information shared by creditors

- Debt repayment arrangements

- Forms

- Registration

- Cookies

4. Purpose of Data Collection:

a. The agency collects personal information for the purpose of:

- Debt collection and recovery

- Verification of debtor identity

- Compliance with legal obligations

- Communication with debtors and creditors

5. Use of Collected Information: The collected information is primarily used for debt collection and related activities. It may also be used for legal compliance and communication with relevant parties. No Data shall be disclosed to any third parties without prior approval of the owner of the data.

6. Use of Cookies or Similar Technologies: The agency may use cookies or similar technologies on its website for analytics and to enhance user experience. Third parties might have access for analytics purposes.

7. Data Protection Measures: The agency employs security measures such as encryption, access controls, and employee training to protect user data.

8. Data Retention Period: User data is retained as long as necessary for debt collection and legal compliance purposes. Retention periods are determined by legal requirements and business needs.

9. Links to Third-Party Websites: The agency's privacy policy may not apply to third-party websites or services linked on their website, and users should review the privacy policies of those external sites. No links to third-party websites.

10. User Data Rights: Users have rights over their data, including access, correction, and deletion. Users can make data-related requests by contacting the agency through specified channels.

11. Contact for Privacy Concerns:

a. Users can contact the agency regarding privacy concerns through a designated email address or phone number.

DPO Contact details


12. Privacy Policy Updates: The agency will notify users of any updates to its privacy policy through the website or other appropriate channels.

13. Legal Requirements and Regulations: The agency complies with all relevant legal requirements and regulations related to debt collection and data privacy, including [mention specific regulations or standards if applicanble].

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